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Magmatism and Petrogenetic Processes

Prof. N. V. Chalapathi Rao


Prof. Parampreet Kaur


Dr. Richard Ernst



Large igneous Provinces and their Plumbing Systems

Rajesh K. Srivastava


Richard E. Ernst


1. Prof. Rajesh K. Srivastava is a well-known researcher and contributed immensely to the study of mafic dykes, LIPs, Carbonatites and alkaline rocks.

2. Prof. Richard E. Ernst is an internationally acknowledged researcher on various aspects of LIPs and their metallogentic aspects.

LIPs, Mafic dykes, Dyke swarms, Mantle plumes, Supercontinents

This symposium intends to the temporal and spatial distribution of the LIPs, their origin and links to mantle plumes, mafic dykes and dyke swarms, superplume events, supercontinent reconstructions, climate changes (including mass extinctions) and associated metallogeny.

Granites - Petrogenesis to Metallogenesis

N. M.W. Roberts,


Naveen Choudhuri


Parampreet Kaur


1. Dr Nick Roberts is an active researcher on Precambrian geology and supercontinent history. He is also involved in analytical developments in LA-ICP-MS.

2. Prof Naveen Choudhary is an igneous petrologist and has worked extensively on the crustal evolution with reference to granitoids from the NW India and from the Himalaya.

3. Dr.Parampreet Kaur specialises in the petrology, geochemistry and geochronology of granitoids and their metallogenetic links.

Granites, petrology, geochemistry, crustal evolution, metallogeny

This symposium will focus on developments in our understanding of the origin and distribution in time and space of granites; their source compositions; their role in the evolution of continental crust; and the development of igneous metallogenic provinces.

Subduction-Zone Magmatism

Georg Zellmer

(New Zealand)

Jun-Ichi Kimura,


1. Prof Zellmer integrates igneous geochemistry with geophysical data to elucidate petrogenetic processes and their rates in the subduction zone environment.

2. Dr Kimura made seminal petrological contributions to the genesis of subduction-related magmatic rocks through geochemical modelling and in situ analytical techniques.

subducting slab, mantle wedge, overriding crust, crustal recycling, arc magmatism

This symposium intends to cover all aspects of magmatism in subduction zones, from the processes occurring in the subducting slab, through the transfer of components from the slab to the mantle wedge, mantle melting, and magmatic evolution and ascent through the overriding crust. The topic includes how these processes may have changed through time, with special reference to the relative roles of juvenile crust formation versus elemental recycling, which are crucial to understand evolution of the continents. Interdisciplinary contributions from research involving field observations, petrology and geochemistry, geophysics, experimental petrology, geochronology, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, numerical modelling and/or other approaches are encouraged.

Magmatism in an Extensional environment

Gautam Sen


Sarajit Sensarma


1. Prof Sen has made outstanding petrological contributions on the genesis of basalts from varied tectonic settings and their entrained xenoliths.

2. Prof Sensarma is well known for his petrological and geochemical contributions on silicic and basic magmatism associated with extensional settings

Basalts, decompression melting, melt generation, crystallization

This symposium is aimed at developments in our understanding of processes leading to continental breakup and subsequent development of major ocean basins, and to the timing of melt generation and crystallization of magmatic rocks in these environments.

Intraplate Alkaline Magmatism

N V Chalapathi Rao (India),

Lukáš Krmíček (Czech Republic)

1. Prof. Rao has made several important contributions on the petrology and geodynamics of kimberlites, lamproites and lamprophyres and alkaline rocks.

2. Prof.Krmíček is an active worker on the alkaline sodic-potassic-ultrapotassic rocks with special reference to lamproites, lamprophyres and their xenoliths.

Alkaline rocks, carbonatite, kimberlite, lamprophyre, lamproite

This symposium focuses on the characteristics, origin and timing of eruption, emplacement and economic aspects of diverse alkaline rocks (including kimberlites, lamproites, lamprophyres, carbonatites) and their entrained xenoliths occurring in continental as well as oceanic intraplate settings. The genesis of these exotic rocks vis-à-vis supercontinent cycles, mantle plumes and recent high pressure experimental petrology results will be explored.

Melts and fluids in the Earth’s Mantle

Sujoy K Ghosh


Nachiketa Rai (India)

1. Dr. Ghosh is an experimental petrologist with several contributions to his credit on the extreme high pressure and temperature conditions and phase transitions in the mantle.

2. Dr. Rai is an experimental geochemist, and his research focusses on processes of deep planetary interiors, core-mantle differentiation, mantle evolution and volatile budgets of planets.

Fluids, melts, high pressure, mantle experiments

The aim of this symposium is to cover the petrological, geochemical, and experimental contributions from researches on deep-seated fluids and melts in the Earth’s mantle, particularly the volatile (H2O, CO2, sulfur) and alkali-rich melts and fluids at the HP-HT conditions, for a better understanding of role of fluids, speciation mechanism of volatiles and redox state in the deep mantle.

Dynamics of Magmatic Processes

Santosh Kumar


Gregory Shellnutt (Taiwan)

Steve Denyszyn (Australia)

K R Hari


1. Prof Santosh Kumar is a well-known igneous petrologist who works on various aspects of magma mixing, mingling and enclave-host relationships.

2. Prof Shellnutt is a renowned researcher with several contributions on bi-modal volcanics, melt composition of basic magmas and Panjal Traps.

3. Dr Denyszyn has research interests in geochronology, paleomagnetism and geochemistry of mafic magmatism and made several important contributions.

4. Prof Hari has extensively carried out mineralogical and petrological studies on the mafic, alkaline and ultramafic rocks of Archaean and Cretaceous age from India.

Magma, mixing, mingling, modelling, petrogenesis

There is significant interaction among magmas of different compositions in plutonic and volcanic environments leading to compositional variability of igneous rocks. This symposium intends to encompass all the aspects relating to the physics of magmatism, complexity of magma mixing and mingling, and their role in the petrogenesis of magmatic rocks including modelling and numerical simulations.