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Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Engineering

Prof. K. S. Rao


Prof. Scott F Burns



Recent Advances in Engineering Geology

Gopal Dhawan


Imran Sayeed


Ranjith Rath


The symposia addresses the developments in Geophysical techniques for subsurface characterization and monitoring, Weathering processes and degradation of strength, Exploration and Geological mapping of structures, Rockmass classification systems,Insitu stress state, Hazard zonation, Stability of rock slopes, Hydro-geological modelling, Construction stage engineering geology, Educational practices.

Soil Mechanics and Geoenvironmental Engineering

N. K. Samadhiya


The symposium encompasses the recent advances in the Field and laboratory charactersation of soils, Regional soils, Problematic soils and Ground improvement, Foundations, retaining structures, dams and embankments, Physical, Analytical and Numerical modelling techniques, Sustainabilityand Geoenvironmentalengineering, Stability of slopes, Landfills, Geosynthetics, Ground improvement techniques and Forensic geotechnical engineering. Geotechnicsfor transportation and water resources also the themes under this symposium.

Rock Engineering and Underground Structures

Mahendra Singh (India)

Amit Shrivastava (India)

The symposium covers the recent research and developmental activities in the areas of charcterisation of rock and rockmasses, Insitu stress measurements and monitoring, Stability of rock slopes and landslides, Tunnels and underground structures, Waste repositories and storage caverns, Support systems, Excavation methods and machinery, TBM, EPBM, Road headers, drill and blast Computational geomechanic and modelling, Risk management and disaster mitigation.

Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering

Prof Neelima Satyam


Prof Ganesh W. Rathod


The symposium deals with the developments in the areas of Earthquake damages to infrastructure, Soil dynamics, Earthquake characterization, Seismic hazard analyses, Seismic site response Ground motion prediction, Attenuation relations, Geophysical characterization, Microtremor studies, Dynamic analysis of slopes, foundations and underground structures, Liquefaction,Seismic microzonation of mega cities and Case studies.