In-Congress Day Trips

1. NR020: Title: Qutub and Humayun’s Tomb Complex (Delhi): UNESCO world heritage sites (BOOK NOW)

This in-Congress IGC trip starts and ends at India Expo Mart Greater Noida;

Start date: 2 – 8 March 2020;

Pickup at: 0900 Hrs.; Drop off at: 1800 Hrs.

Participants: 15 Min. & 35 Max.  Duration: 1 day;

Trip coordinator/s: Ms. Gurmeet Kaur and Dr. Fareeduddin

Other contributors: Jaspreet Saini and Parminder Kaur

Trip overview: The one-day trip showcases three main natural stones used for construction of most outstanding UNESCO heritage monuments of Delhi. These are (i) Red Sandstone; belonging to Vindhyan Basin and (ii) Delhi quartzite,(iii) White marble belonging to Aravalli mountain belt.

Geo-tourism spots: Qutub Minar Complex, Humayun’s Tomb Complex

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Price :103 USD Per Person

Price :7210 INR Per Person

2. NR021: Title: Tectonic configuration of Siwalik Belt and unfolding structural evolution of Siwalik fold-thrust belt in Kala Amb-Nahan area, Sirmaur distt., Himachal Pradesh (BOOK NOW)

This in-Congress IGC trip starts and ends at Place of Stay in New Delhi / Greater Noida

Start date: 2 – 8 March 2020;

Pickup at: 0400 Hrs.; Drop off at: 2200 Hrs.

Participants: 5 Min. & 15 Max.  Duration: 1 day;

Trip coordinator/s: Manoj Kumar and Rajinder Kumar

Other contributors: Pradeep Singh, Surender Kumar and Kundan D. Rangari

Trip overview: This sector of Himachal Himalaya is one of the detailed worked out stretches as far as the studies of Siwalik litho-sequence, part of Foreland Basin sediments ranging in age from the Thanetian to Pleistocene and associated thrusts like MBF, Nahan Thrust and HFT and associated palaeo-seismic events, are concerned. Thus, the proposed transact portrays the complete tectonic evolution of the Himalayas through a narrow corridor of Siwalik tectonic configuration depicting the new concept of structural evolution of Himalayas and is bound to attract the academician, geomorphologist, structural & tectonics including Neotectonics, seismologist etc.

Geo-tourism spots: Renuka ji, Adi Badri Temple, Nahan City, etc.

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Price :173 USD Per Person

Price :12110 INR Per Person

3. WR016: Title: Visit to Surat Diamond Industry (BOOK NOW)

This in-Congress IGC trip starts and ends at Surat Airport

Start date: 2 – 8 March 2020;

Pickup at: 0900 Hrs.; Drop off at: 1930 Hrs.

Participants: 20 Min. & 30 Max.  Duration: 1 day;

Trip coordinator/s: S. Ravi and J.N. Das

Other contributors: E.V.S.S.K. Babu and Sufija. M.V

Trip overview: Diamond production in India can be traced back to almost 8th century B C. World famous diamonds such as Koh-i-noor, The Orloff, The Great Mogul, Sancy Hope, Florentine, Nassak, Regent, Pitt, Nizam etc. were the products of India and many of these world famous diamonds were recovered from India in 16th & 17th centuries. The Gems & Jewellery industry in India is structured as diamonds, jewellery and precious/semi-precious stones. In India, the diamond processing units are mainly located in Gujarat, particularly in Surat, Navsari and some parts of Saurashtra & north Gujarat region. About 80% of country’s diamond processing work is being done in Gujarat, out of which more than 50% is conducted at Surat only. The diamond processing industry in India, thus, is quite unique as it is developed at one location in an industrial cluster. Surat city is known as diamond city of India. The modern diamond cutting and polishing industry started way back in the early 1960s when some entrepreneurs belonging to the Patel community of Saurashtra started importing rough diamonds and exporting polished diamonds. This industry grew gradually until 1980s after which there was rapid growth. This rapid growth was the result of the proximity of Surat to Mumbai which helps in importing the unfinished diamonds and exporting the polished diamonds.

Geo-tourism spots: World’s largest Diamond Lapidary Industry & Retail Diamond Jewellery Centre etc.

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Price :142 USD Per Person

Price :9940 INR Per Person