GeoHost Guidelines

Guidelines for GeoHost Awardees

GeoHost support is being awarded as full or partial support for registration, local hospitality and travel. Awardees should refer to the award letter sent by the 36th IGC. To facilitate offering the awarded support, please read the following guidelines:



For GeoHost awardees who have been offered Registration Support: Registration will be carried out by the 36th IGC. A confirmatory email (registration summary) would be sent to the registered email ID of the awardees. The awardees should provide other details on receipt of login details. 

For GeoHost awardees who have NOT been offered Registration Support: They should first complete their registration online. Subsequently, they can avail of local hospitality and / or travel support.                                          


Local hospitality

Local hospitality, if offered under the GeoHost Support programme, will be provided on a best-effort basis at budget hotels or similar accommodation as close to the Congress venue as possible. Please visit the Congress website for local travel details. Accommodation will be provided on single occupancy basis and will include breakfast. All other charges, if any, should be borne by the GeoHost awardee. Accommodation shall be provided from the noon of March 01, 2020 till the morning of March 09, 2020 only. Accommodation prior to or beyond these dates should be borne by the GeoHost awardee.



Travel, if supported under the GeoHost Support programme, will be provided by the 36th IGC through return air tickets (economy class) from the nearest airport to the awardee’s place of work to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, India. Air tickets will be on Air India or Star Alliance partners.

Air tickets for GeoHost Awardees are being provided to enable them attend the congress and its pre and post-congress field trips.

For attending the congress air tickets are provided as per the following schedule.

Arrival: Delhi IGI airport/ other approved port (please refer to the list below) of entry on 1st or 2nd March 2020;

Departure: Delhi, IGI Airport/ other approved port of exit on 9th or 10th March 2020.

For attending the Pre or Post congress field trips air tickets are provided as per the following schedule.

Arrival: Delhi IGI airport/ other approved port (please refer to the list) of entry, one/ two days prior to the onset of the Trip

Departure: Delhi IGI airport/ other approved port of exit, on the day of completion of the trip or one or two days after completion of the field trip

Delegates are requested to refrain from requesting the organisers for extended period of stay beyond the congress and its pre and post congress activities.

Under exceptional circumstances, 36IGC may allow the delegates to issue air tickets for extended period of stay upon production of valid documents such as proof  of Invitation  from Institutes/ Universities for official purpose, if sought by 36IGC. Congress organisers will not issue invitation for the extended period of stay, will not extend any local hospitality and will not be held responsible /attend for/to any issues related to thedelegate.

Note: Under exceptional circumstances, delegate(s) may book their economy class air-tickets (Air India/ alliance partner airlines) with written permission from 36IGC following the under mentioned guidelines.

  1. All bookings are to be made through Air India or its Alliance Partner airline websites/ through Balmer & Lawrie. Booking through private agency is not permissible for reimbursement.
  2. In case delegates are required to fly by airlines other than Air India or its Alliance partner (due to non-availability of flights in Air India or its alliance partners, the route/sectors is/are not connected by Air India or alliance partners)  the following may be noted.
  1. Screen shot showing non-availability of the Air India air-tickets (on the day of booking) shall have to be submitted. Alternatively, certificate of non-availability of tickets by the Air India/ partner air lines (issued by the airlines) is to be provided.
  2. The delegate may avail cheapest available tickets (screen shot of cheapest air fare on the day of booking may be produced) if not traveling by Air India or its alliance partner.

Attempts will be made for reimbursement of air fare during or soon after the congress. The air-ticket, boarding passes are to be submitted for the reimbursement.


Procurement of a valid visa or other travel documentation and payment of visa fee are the responsibility of the GeoHost awardee. The conference organisers will provide the e-invitation letter upon completion of registration. Political and security clearance documents may be downloaded from the Congress website. GeoHost awardees must also procure transit visas, if applicable, for the sector of their travel.


Awardees should get overseas medical and accident insurance cover from the place of their residence.