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- 13 Plenary Talk & One Public Lecture

- 45 Themes. 287 Symposia

- Special Theme for national and international scientific organizations

- More than 40 parallel Sessions

- 2000+ E Poster Presentations

- 71 field trips in India and neighboring countries

- State of the Art Convention Centre

- 7000 sq.m. of GeoExpo area



Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Welcome to the 36th International Geological Congress!

IGCs have come a long way since their inception in 1878 in Paris. We are, today, on the threshold of witnessing the 36th session of this prestigious global event. With less than a year’s time left for the Congress, the excitement among the geoscientists is strikingly visible and infectious.

India, with the scientific support of Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will be hosting the 36th IGC at Delhi during 2-8 March 2020. With as many as 12 Plenary Talks by outstanding geoscientists from across the globe, 44 science themes, 71 exciting field trips spread in India and neighboring countries, a far-reaching Geohost Program, a massive Geoexpo, and many other attractions, the Congress promises to be a truly memorable experience.

India is known for its glorious history, rich cultural diversity, scintillating scientific wealth, and immaculate hospitality. We cordially invite you to participate in the Congress and experience the myriad flavors of India.


36th IGC Secretariat
New Delhi

Plenary Speakers

Prof. Bruce Edward Hobbs

Title of Plenary Talk: The Dynamics of Tectonic, Metamorphic and Hydrothermal Systems

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Dr. Sergei Pisarevsky

Title of Plenary Talk: Siberia,India and Baltica in Precambrian supercontinents

Read More..

Dr. Anny Cazenave

Title of Plenary Talk: Global changes in the Earth System and Space Observations

Read More..

Prof. Michael Brown

Title of Plenary Talk: Secular variation of metamorphism and the evolution of plate tectonics

Read More..

Prof. Herbert E. Huppert

Title of Plenary Talk: Defending against lava flows: theory, experiment and field confirmation

Read More..

Prof. Michael James Bickle

Title of Plenary Talk: Impact of the Himalayan-Tibetan orogen on global geochemical cycles and climate

Read More..

Dr. Mihir Shah

Title of Plenary Talk: Challenges of Sustainable Groundwater Management in India

Read More..

Prof. K. S. Valdiya

Title of Public Lecture: Tectonically active parts of the restless Indian subcontinent

Read More..

Dr. S. K. Acharyya

Title of Plenary Talk: Geology and Tectonic Setting of Gondwana Basin Architecture in the Indian Shield

Read More..

Prof. Mike Searle

Title of Plenary Talk: Geological Evolution of the Western Himalaya

Read More..

Prof. Kip Hodges

Title of Plenary Talk: The Evolving Geodynamics of the Himalayan Orogenic Wedge

Read More..

Prof. Manfred R. Strecker

Title of Plenary Talk: Tectonics, topography and climate of the southern Central Andes

Read More..

Prof. Qiuming Cheng

Title of Plenary Talk: Mathematical Geosciences on Digital Earth and Deep Learning for Understanding the Nonlinear Earth Systems

Read More..

Prof. Harsh K Gupta

Title of Plenary Talk: Developing Earthquake and Tsunami Resilient Society

Read More..

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News Corner

1) Abstract submission and GeoHost application closed.

 2) The delegates who have applied for GeoHost support (including registration fee waiver request), need not register for the congress now. The results of the GeoHost shall be flashed soon after closure of abstract submission process, i.e. after 15 November 2019. In case a delegate does not receive GeoHost support for the registration fees, he/she would be allowed to register for the congress against the prevailing rate of registration, applicable on the day of submission of the GeoHost Application.

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Abstract fee will be refunded to those who have  paid.

36th International Geological Congress